Why is it always ninjas?

I’m sitting in class listening to the teacher drone on about something or other, my eyes focussed on the window and as it often does for reasons unbeknown to me I start thinking about ninjas. Feel no need to adjust your specs or zoom in you read right a 25-year-old woman who daydreams about ninjas.

What would they do I hear no one ask? Well my friend first off they would break through the windows and there would be mass panic and confusion, then they would be looking for I don’t know some sort of lost artefact, or my concentration which they would not find. After that of course a ninja fight breaks out with the rival gang of ninja’s who just burst in the door, then about a 15-minute kick ass ninja fight goes on.

Meanwhile I’ve just zoned out for 20 minutes and have no idea what’s going on in class, this happens to me when I’m waiting for interviews, when I’m on the bus, sitting in the doctor’s office. I have no concentration; I’m either daydreaming away or I’m hyper focussed on something but it always seems to be the former.

Why is it always ninjas?  I don’t think there is any situation that can’t be made more interesting with ninjas thrown into the mix.


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