Can I sing?

When I’m dancing about the house with my headphones in doing my cleaning, washing dishes or working my way through a pile of ironing I like to sing along with the songs. For most people their voices don’t register to highly on the decibel scale, my voice however is off the charts. The volume of my voice is unbelievable and uncontrollable.

One of my favourite songs to belt out is “And I Am Telling You” by Jennifer Hudson, I get far to in to the song and convince myself that my house is a stadium. I belt out every high note I can, the issue with that is I sound like a bag of cats being strangled. It is beyond me that my neighbours have never once reported a woman being murdered, the noise that comes out of my mouth is just awful.

Will that stop me? Absolutely not! I will sing to my heart’s content, it’s the best form of stress relief I can get while simultaneously getting loads of housework done.

Can I sing? Yes, is it good? Hell no.


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