Dear NotWiredThatWay,

I crawled into your chest it happened such a long time ago, little by little I pushed my darkness in

You didn’t even realise at first what was going on you were oblivious while I was hard at work

Then one day I slowly started crushing you, I had an invisible weight pressing on your chest, I put ice in your veins and fire through your nerves

I won’t let you rest, peace of mind isn’t for you, you need to meticulously plan out conversations that might happen, doesn’t that sound fun?

You need to think about all of those things that make you grind your teeth with stress trying to relieve the pressure in your brain, doesn’t that sound better than being in the here and now?

I want you to feel weak and useless I want you to feel like you’re going to die I need you to really believe it

Because if you don’t believe it then we can’t be safe, don’t you understand?

And I know you hate me now that you know my name but I know the real reason you curse my existence

You needed me.

That’s what gets you, you needed me to keep you safe.

Your protector



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