If You Don’t Post It On Facebook Did It Really Happen?

I don’t hate Facebook, in fact I use it to keep in contact with people I have met and see how family members that I don’t get to see often are getting on. Over the last few months though I’ve started noticing something that’s always been going on. People post everything.

Everything from how depressed they are feeling to their bowel movements, where they are and what they are doing every second of every day. I’ve been reading my feed for years and have never noticed it before.

So I go on to my Facebook on what is an awful day for me (anniversary of my mum’s death) and without thinking about it I already know what I’m looking for. I’m looking to see if like every other year certain family members have posted about just how much they miss her and how it’s been another year. I stopped, I thought about why I do this every year when it makes me so angry.

Well why does it make me so angry? Probably because it feels like they post to get the comments of “thinking of you” or all the likes and if they don’t post about it then you don’t know that they are sad right? You don’t know that they are suffering on this day so they have to tell you and let you know.

And while I got angry about my family looking for sympathy for a woman they never had time for when she was alive I started thinking about every time I’ve ever went to post something on Facebook.

Why have I gone to post that? Who is that for and what do I want to gain from it? I only ever post something when without really thinking about it I’m looking for a pat on the back or I’m looking for some sort of response from people. Not because it matters not because I’m down and I’m looking for someone to notice. But because without being aware of it I’m looking for attention in some way.

I’ve over the last few months gone to post something and then thought “What’s the point? Who’s that for?” and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that Facebook is pointless.

Will this hypocrite get rid of her Facebook? Hell no it’s good for spying on people who tell you every little detail of their lives and then tell you something completely different in person. Will I stop posting statuses? Yes I will, nobody needs to know that I saw Thor on the weekend or that I cried all week because I miss my mum, I don’t need validation, sympathy or attention from my “friends” on Facebook.

If you don’t post it on Facebook did it really happen? Apparently not.



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